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Telescopic swimming pool enclosures keep your pool safe and secure and offer great value for money. Save money and swim all year round. Splash Swimming Pool Enclosures.

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How a pool enclosure saves me money?

If you’ve got an outdoor swimming pool, you know realities of it. It’s time consuming, expensive, and it doesn’t really get used enough. However, a swimming pool enclosure can overcome all these issues, and save money. Here’s a top line summary of how exactly this works;

Energy saving

The main cause of heat loss from a swimming pool during the day is through evaporation. This is also accentuated if there is a breeze, as this speeds up the process of removing warm air above the pool water (that you’ve spend money heating) and replacing it with cool air.

Another factor is rainfall. A heavy down-poor, not only dumps a great deal of cold, and possibly not clean water into your pool, it also has an impact on your chemical balance, which will then need attention. Also the drop in night time temperatures have a big impact.

A pool enclosure can significantly reduce this heat loss by protecting your pool from cool air and rainfall, and provide insulation to hold the heat in. Also during sunny days, the enclosure absorbs heat, radiating it down to the pool surface, where it circulates and warms your pool water. This effect can increase you pool temperature by approx 5 degrees Centigrade, compared to an uncovered pool.

An additional, yet smaller way an enclosure can save energy, is by allowing your filter to be more efficient and therefore run for less time whilst giving the same result. The pool water, under the enclosure, is still and clean, and therefore the filter can easily do its job.

Chemical cost saving

The pool enclosure reduces evaporation from your pool, which means that your chemicals maintain better balance, and water levels remain more constant.


Whether you use a maintenance company or do it yourself, having a pool enclosure reduces your pool maintenance time. By keeping your enclosure on when not in use, your pool remain free from leaves, bugs and other unwanted debris, and consequently your filter stays cleaner.
The real benefit here is that your pool is always ready to use, whenever you are.

Longer term savings

An enclosure can also help in a more general way by protecting your pool from the elements, to give your pool a longer life. Also by reducing the pressure on both your heating and filtration systems, then hopefully these will last longer and need replacing less frequently.

And to save even more…

Go for a low profile enclosure. You can still swim with the enclosure on, but you’ve got the added benefit that you’re not trying to heat a huge airspace above your pool. Also when the sun’s shining, and you’ve got the enclosure on, then the heat build up is much faster as the warm air circulates in a much smaller space, therefore more heat energy is going directly into your pool.

It’s greener

Not only is this all money saving great news for you, but having a swimming pool enclosure is also better for the environment.
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