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Telescopic swimming pool enclosures keep your pool safe and secure and offer great value for money. Save money and swim all year round. Splash Swimming Pool Enclosures.

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Swimming pool enclosures are not cheap.

Well actually that’s not really true. If you actually consider the cost of not having a pool enclosure, then at least some products on the market look exceptionally good value.

If you actually think of it more in terms of what you’ll save, rather than how much it costs, the economics of investing in a swimming pool enclosure become more transparent.

Have a look at doing the figures yourself. If you just approximate these total costs over the course of a full year;

How much does your pool cost to heat per year?
How much does it cost to keep clean (including accessories)?
How much does it cost you in chemicals?

Also, if you assume that for the purposes of this exercise, the pool enclosure has a life span of ten years – although most will last much longer, particularly if you avoid the really budget type bubble enclosures.

Now, how about some other areas of cost;
How much does it your cost in terms of filters, pumps, bubble covers, liners, etc over a ten year period?

So, if you were looking at pure costs alone, and not the other benefits of an enclosure, and if an enclosure could reduce your costs on the above by 20% per year, then you’d probably be looking at a reasonable amount of money.

What about if you could buy a good quality swimming pool enclosure, for a 10 metre by 5 metre pool, for under £6,500? I’d guess you’d probably go for it on savings alone. Actually, if your pool is smaller, you can even get one for under £3,000!

But it’s not just about costs. If you also consider, how much you actually use your pool in an average year? Are you steadily using it less each year? And also what about safety & security, don’t forget it’s your responsibility.

Therefore if we add in the fact that an enclosure will mean you can use your pool whatever the weather, it’s always clean, you can open and close it in less time than it takes to roll up a bubble cover, and it’s maintenance free, then it’s probably looking like it’s time to get an enclosure.

For many people, the decision to buy an swimming pool enclosure is usually driven by a single issue that needs to be overcome, rather than taking a broader analytical approach. The type issues that seem at the top of peoples mind’s include;
I have to reduce my pool heating bills…
I’m forever spending my weekends cleaning leaves out of the pool…
I want to use my pool, even if it is raining…
I want to make my pool more environmentally friendly…
With small children around, I need better security for my pool

But what about prices?

Up until recently, swimming pool enclosures were in the region of £20-30,000, and there was not much choice on the market. More recently, with the introduction of the new low profile enclosures, these prices have come down to more like £12-15,000. But, like most things, the internet has now changed how you can buy more or less anything, including pool enclosures. The figure l mentioned above of £6,500 is a reality. You can actually buy a really good quality telescopic, low profile pool enclosure for this price. No catches. The reason is that you can now buy directly from the manufacturers, and have it shipped direct to your home. This new direct to consumer approach has made having a pool enclosure affordable, and essential. Take a look at the web site www.splashsafety.com.


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