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Telescopic swimming pool enclosures keep your pool safe and secure and offer great value for money. Save money and swim all year round. Splash Swimming Pool Enclosures.

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The top 5 essential buying tips

There’s no shortage of options when you’re looking to buy a swimming pool enclosure. In fact the range of products now on the market has actually made the buying decision harder, and with the internet as a search tool, finding suppliers is not a problem.

However probably the most important thing to do before you go for Google, is to really think about why you want the pool enclosure, and what do you hope to get out of it. What aspects of an enclosure are really important and which ones are less so.

By creating a list of priorities for yourself, you’ll make the whole process easier, quicker and far more focussed.

Below is a real top five tips, to help you pull together your priorities and ensure you get the swimming pool enclosure that really suits your needs.

The 5 essential buying tips
1 Analyse your needs
2 Design and aesthetics
3 Research
4 Budget
5 Buy direct

Analyse your needs

It’s probably true to say that any outdoor swimming pool looks at its best when in an open environment. After all, the reason for having an outdoor pool is to enjoy the outdoor weather, and swimming, together. This said, then probably any pool enclosure could be considered a compromise to this ideal view. But owning a pool is in reality more about using it, rather than just looking at it. Whether for fun with the family and friends, social events, or simply keeping fit, you have a pool to use and make the most of it. Therefore you want to be able to use it, not just on a few hot summer days, but all Summer, and even all year. Even if it’s cold or raining, doesn’t mean the pool can’t be used.

Also you want to keep the heating costs manageable, and not spend a couple of hours cleaning the pool every time you want to use it. Pool enclosures offer many benefits to pool owners, and these vary from person to person, however the most important thing is making more use of your pool.

So, once you’ve defined what’s most important to you, you’ll then be able to decide on what elements of a pool enclosure you will compromise on and which ones you will not.

Design and aesthetics

In the main, swimming pool enclosures are all of similar structure, being a strong, but lightweight framework, generally in an aluminium alloy, with transparent or translucent panels in between, of either Plexiglas, or Polycarbonate.

The main consideration from a design and aesthetic perspective is the choice between low profile enclosures and standard height enclosure.

The main benefit from the low profile enclosures is that they are more discreet, both when opened and closed. The other major benefit of the low profile enclosures is that the heat retention is far more effective, as there is less air space between the pool and enclosure roof. This is also of greater benefit when it comes to heating the pool through sunlight, as more heat energy is used to heat the water, not the air space.

With regards to the standard height enclosures, the benefits here are more about actually creating a room space where you can actually walk around the pool, yet still keep under cover.


So having considered what’s important regarding your pool usage, and enclosure design style, it’s time to do a little research on what’s available. Apart from just going to the search engines for answers, it’s always worthwhile getting a view point from either your pool installer, or maintenance company, as well as asking around any friends who may have also considered an enclosure.


Doing research on the internet is great, however you need to have a budget in mind before going too far. Unfortunately not many companies publish their prices on their web sites so gauging how much enclosures cost can be quite difficult. In defining your budget, you should consider the value an enclosure will give you, both in terms of cost savings, but also in terms of being able to use your pool for a far greater proportion of the year.

Swimming pool enclosures can in fact vary in price considerably. Until more recently having a pool enclosure was very expensive, requiring a budget of £20,000-£30,000, however the low profile enclosures now on the market have changed this picture considerably and can be purchased from as little as £3,000-£6,000.

Buy direct

The internet has brought a far greater choice to the pool owner, in terms of pool enclosure design and price. And, rather than buying through a pool shop or reseller, who will add their margin to the cost, you can now in some instances, buy enclosures direct from the manufacturer, and save a considerable amount of money. In addition to this, if you really want to get the best value, consider buying a self assembly enclosure. These are specially designed products, which can easily be put together is less than a day by a couple of people, and are as good as anything which requires you to buy an installation service, which can add considerably to the overall price.

Swimming pool enclosures – 5 essential buying tips


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